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Encouraging and recognizing best practices in Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) is an integral function of any clubs’ success. An active and well-planned PR strategy can help attract guests, retain members and improve attendance and participation – all of which results in a superior member experience. The D82 PR Awards are designed to recognize those clubs who use this role to go the extra mile.
Member Awards
Eight 80 Membership Award
Creative Content Newsletter Award
Eight 80 Membership Award
Outstanding Website Award
Eight 80 Membership Award
Best Social Media Presence Award
Eight 80 Membership Award
Flyer of the Month Award
Eight 80 Membership Award
Publicity Star Award
Eight 80 Membership Award
Innovative Content Creator Award
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Oasis Toastmasters Club

Rajagiriya Toastmasters Club

Torrington Toastmasters

Horana Toastmasters Club

Virtusa CMB TMC, Matale TMC, Rizing Lanka TMC, Hill Capital TMC

Oasis TMC, Hill Capital TMC, Voice of Colombo TMC, Saturday Circle TMC

Hill Capital TMC, Virtusa TMC, Oasis TMC, Rajagiriya TMC

Oasis TMC, Siyane TMC, Batticaloa TMC, Matale TMC